This menu is available feb 13 and the 14th

Valentine’s Day 2017

$29.00 per person

Choice of Appetizers

Red hot curried Mussels

Shrimp sauce with coconut milk

Arugula Salad with Mixed berries

With Cherry Tomatoes, Candied Walnuts, Port Wine Vinaigrette (Contains tree nuts)

Baked Goat Cheese

With Grilled Seasonal Vegetables, Pesto, & Balsamic Reduction (*contains tree nuts)

Indian tostadas

Spiced Salsa chickpeas, sago noodles, yoghurt, crispy tortillas (Vegan option available)

Batata Vada

Potato fritters, chickpea tempura, tamarind chutney

Spiced beef Lettuce Wraps

With Sweet Chili Sauce

Choice of Entrees

Asian Vegetable Plate

Choice of chefs favorite veg entrée tasters

Mediterranean Vegetarian Tasting Plate

Eggplant rollatini, Stuffed peppers with spicy potatoes, Veggie empanada,

and Veggie Quesadilla

Enchilada mole

With Mozzarella Cheese, over refried beans, hot mole sauce (Vegan option available)

Five spice rubbed half Duck
Yam mash, Cranberry Glaze

Pork chops

 Sweet Potato Mash, Caramelized Onions

Moroccan lamb Chermola
Yellow rice, Basil tomato sauce

Cajun Crusted Salmon


Pan seared Kingfish steaks

Chipotle mash

Bombay Chicken

Basmati veg rice,


Choice of Desserts

Red Velvet cake

Sticky Caramel Pecan Cake (Dairy Free) Contains nuts

Chocolate peanut butter bombe

Turtle pie